This is me!

Portuguese, 30 years young (proudly!), graphic designer. My name is Carolina.

After 6 years living in Barcelona, studying, working in a design studio and in an advertising agency I realised my Mondays were not happy (nor were my tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays or even fridays...) Something had to change.

So I decided to quit my job and start working as a freelancer. I sold all my belongings, said goodbye to all my friends and bought a one way ticket to Bali.

For the last three years I've been travelling and working, setting up improvised offices in Lisbon, Amsterdam and Bali, working with clients from Portugal, Spain, Holland, Indonesia, Singapore and England.

Needless to say, nowadays Mondays are happy days for me. I love my job. I love to understand my clients and their needs and work until they are happy with the results. 

Now, I could go on and on with a long text describing what and how I do what I do...but I don’t believe in that. I believe that the work should speak for itself. So have a look at the Work section and if you want to know more just send me a few lines to carolina@happymondaysdesign.com or use the contact form.

I love Mondays but any day will be the perfect day to hear from you!